Higher Education Services

At National Credit Services (NCS), we know how important it is for your institution to foster healthy relationships with students. With the consultative approach of our education collection team, NCS prioritizes your debt recovery while carefully maintaining the relationships between your institution and your alumni.

NCS has a full-service collection program with colleges, universities, lenders, and servicers, thanks to our close partnership with the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

What higher education services does NCS offer?

As a top-performing contractor for the U.S. ED since 2015, NCS is able to provide an array of debt recovery programs for several account types, including:

Federal Loan Programs

Campus receivables

Federal Loan Programs

With more than 43 million borrowers, federal student loans have been helping students cover the cost of higher education for more than 50 years. We have the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive recovery solutions for the following loan programs:

Campus receivables

The growing cost of education makes managing campus-related debt increasingly important for students to maintain professional relationships. To ensure you receive payment for any campus-related debt, NCS delivers recovery solutions for:

Additional accounts receivable solutions

In addition to federal loan and campus-based receivable programs, NCS provides extensive recovery solutions for:
Managing student loan debt can feel like a daunting task for students and graduates, particularly when they fall behind on payments. To uphold your well-deserved reputation while recovering your payments, NCS works directly with students and encourages them to pay their debts in a professional, timely manner.

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