Healthcare Services

Nearly one-third of Americans have some form of medical debt, according to a recent survey by Salary Finance. At National Credit Services (NCS), we understand how important timely debt collection is for every type of healthcare practice, whether you’re an independent physician or a multi-hospital system.

That’s why our healthcare team focuses exclusively on maximizing the debt recovery of patient receivables for hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, dentists, and every type of practice in between.

Our goal is to collect your payments in a prompt manner while protecting your reputation. Rest assured that with NCS by your side, your patients will be treated to the same respect and care that they’ve come to expect from your establishment.

What healthcare services does NCS offer?

NCS delivers a comprehensive range of healthcare services for practices throughout the country area, including:

Customized pre collection letters

A pre collection letter (PCL) notifies your patients of late payments. Also known as a “soft” collection, a PCL gives patients an opportunity to pay their debts before it further affects their credit score.

Post judgment collections

With a full selection of litigation services, NCS takes any legal means necessary to recover your patient receivables. This includes garnishment in post judgment collection cases.

Past due invoices

NCS offers both primary and secondary past due account collection services to ensure you receive prompt payment for your services without aggravating your patients’ possible financial stress. Not only does this increase your payment potential, it also reinforces the positive relationships you have with your patients.

NSF check collection

Nonsufficient funds (NSF), or a bounced check, can be especially frustrating in the healthcare industry. NCS knows that maintaining a positive, professional relationship with your patients is just as important as recovering your payments. That’s why we are dedicated to collecting your NSF checks in the most respectful manner possible.

Flexible Solutions

Ensuring that your patients pay in full is a top priority for the account representatives at NCS. We offer multiple solutions and flexible payment options if extenuating circumstances hinder your patients’ ability to pay on time.

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*National Credit Services is compliant with HIPAA regulations and charity-care requirements throughout the entire collection process.